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Weight: Box of 8 Ladoos I 240 gms approx.

Box of 8 Ladoos I 240 gms approx.
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Organic Ragi, and Dry Fruit Laddoos: Wholesome Snacking Redefined

Savor the rich, natural flavors of our Organic Ragi, Handmade Jaggery, and Dry Fruit Laddoos. Perfectly crafted for the health-conscious, these laddoos are made from premium organic ingredients without any maida, palm oil, or added sugars. Offering a gluten-free, protein-rich snack option, each bite is packed with the goodness of nutrient-dense ragi (finger millet), sweet organic jaggery, and a hearty mix of dry fruits.

Key Features:

  • Organic Ingredients: Made with organic ragi and organic handmade jaggery, ensuring that you are consuming high-quality, pesticide-free ingredients.

  • No Added Sugars: The natural sweetness of jaggery enriches these laddoos without the need for added sugars, making them a healthier choice.

  • Gluten-Free and Protein-Rich: Ideal for those on a gluten-free diet, these laddoos provide a good source of protein from ragi, which is essential for health and wellness.

  • Rich in Dry Fruits: Each laddoo is loaded with a variety of dry fruits, adding texture, flavor, and a nutritional punch with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Health Benefits:

  • Supports Digestive Health: Ragi is high in dietary fiber, promoting digestive health and regularity.

  • Sustained Energy Release: Perfect for maintaining energy levels throughout the day due to the low glycemic index of jaggery and the complex carbs in ragi.

  • Heart Health: The natural ingredients contribute to a heart-healthy diet by being low in unhealthy fats and cholesterol.

Ideal For:

  • Health enthusiasts looking for organic, nutritious snack options.

  • Individuals with gluten sensitivities or those following a gluten-free lifestyle.

  • Anyone seeking a sweet treat without the guilt, perfect for any time of the day.

Why Choose Our Organic Ragi, Handmade Jaggery, and Dry Fruit Laddoos?

Our laddoos are more than just a snack; they are a healthful indulgence crafted to support your wellness goals. Whether you’re looking for a mid-morning snack, a pre-workout boost, or a healthy treat for the kids, our Organic Ragi, Handmade Jaggery, and Dry Fruit Laddoos provide a delicious and nutritious option.

Embrace a healthier lifestyle with our guilt-free, delicious laddoos, and enjoy the benefits of organic goodness in every bite!

Dry Fruit Ragi Laddoo

Certified organic ragi, organic jaggery, A2 ghee, cashews, almonds, pistachio, edible gum


What makes this laddoo special?

This laddoo is unique because it's made with top-quality organic ingredients from Maharashtra and follows a traditional, previously unknown recipe.

What are the main ingredients in the laddoo?

The main ingredients include A2 Ghee, a blend of Cashews, Almonds, and Pistachios (dry fruits), Organic Ragi, Organic Jaggery Powder, and Dink.

How can I be assured of the quality of the ingredients?

You can be confident knowing that our laddoo is made by hand using the best organic ingredients, all locally sourced to guarantee a wholesome and tasty snack.

Does the laddoo contain any artificial additives?

No, our laddoo is made without artificial colors, preservatives, or sugar, offering a completely natural and healthy snack option.

What's the best way to eat this laddoo?

Enjoy this laddoo as a healthy snack at any time, reassured by the fact that it's made with basic kitchen ingredients and contains no artificial additives.

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