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Chana Jor Protein-Rich Healthy Snacks

Step into a world of nutritious snacking with our Chana Jor Protein-Rich Healthy Snacks. Made from premium quality black chana (Bengal gram), these snacks are not only packed with protein but are also irresistibly crunchy and full of flavor. Perfect for health enthusiasts and snack lovers alike, our Chana Jor or Chana Chor garam is crafted to support your dietary needs without compromising taste.

Key Features: 

- High Protein Content: Each bite is loaded with natural plant-based protein, essential for building and repairing tissues and supporting overall health.

- Gluten-Free: Safe for those with gluten intolerance, providing a satisfying crunch without the worry.

- ⁠Vegan Friendly: Completely animal product-free, aligning with your ethical dietary choices.

- ⁠No Maida, No Palm Oil: Our commitment to your health and the environment means no refined flours and no palm oil in our products.

- ⁠Exceptionally Tasty: Seasoned to perfection, offering a savory taste evening snacks that makes healthy nacking enjoyable.

Health Benefits:

- Rich in Nutrients: High in fiber, iron, and essential minerals, Chana Jor supports digestion, boosts energy, and improves overall wellness.

- ⁠Weight Management: Low in calories yet high in fiber, they help maintain satiety, making it easier to manage and control weight.

- ⁠Heart Health: With no palm oil and high fiber content, they contribute to a healthier heart by maintaining lower cholesterol levels.

Ideal for any snacking occasion, from your office desk to your adventure trails, or even as a savory addition to meals, Chana Jor Protein-Rich Healthy Indian Snacks for weight loss are your ultimate choice for a delicious, healthy, and convenient snack. Dive into the delightful crunch and robust flavor of our snacks, knowing you're making a smart choice for your health and taste buds!

How to enjoy: 

Perfect for any time you need a quick and satisfying snack – at your desk, on a hike, or as a crunchy addition to your meals. Sprinkle over salads for added texture, mix into trail mixes for a protein boost, or enjoy straight from the pack for a flavorful snack that's good for you in every way.

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World's Best Chana Jor

Chana, sea salt, rock salt, hing, spices, sunflower oil


Is Chana Jor Garam roasted or fried?

Chana Jor is roasted, not fried. This roasting process helps retain its nutritional benefits while giving it a delightfully crunchy texture.

Is there any spice added to Chana Jor Garam?

Yes, mild spices such as hing (asafoetida) are added to Chana Jor Garam, enhancing its flavor without making it overly spicy.

Is your product oil-free?

No, the Chana Jor snack does have a bit of sunflower oil sprayed on it for masala flavors

Is it healthy to eat Chana Jor Garam daily?

Chana Jor Garam is a healthy snack because it's full of protein, has few carbs, doesn't have any artificial stuff or added sugar, and is gluten-free.

What is Chana Jor Garam made from?

Chana Jor Garam is a snack made from Black Gram or Bengal Gram. First, the grams are soaked, pounded by hand, and then roasted. It's flavored with regular salt, rock salt, hing (asafoetida), and a little sunflower oil to help the spices stick.

Customer Reviews

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Jayant .

Very good taste and healthy as well

Gunjan Agrawal

Very tasty & oil free !!

Aishwarya S
It's amazing!

Super tasty and healthy snack! :)

Chandrahas Dayal
Healthy between the meals snack

Chana Jor is very well made. Crisp, fresh, tasty and low in salt. An ideal, between the meals protein snack.

4 Stars

4 Stars- Good

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