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Achari khakhra: A Zesty Twist on Traditional Snacking

Unleash the vibrant flavors of India with our Achari khakhra, a delightful snack infused with the tangy zest of traditional pickling spices. Made from nutritious khapli (Emmer) wheat and free from palm oil and maida, our khakhra offers a healthful crunch that’s both satisfying and guilt-free.

Key Features:

  • Rich in Ancient Grains: Crafted with khapli wheat, our khakhra is a nod to the past, utilizing ancient grains known for their health benefits and robust flavors.

  • Tangy Achari Flavor: Each khakhra is seasoned with a blend of pickling spices, capturing the essence of your favorite Indian achar in a light, crispy snack.

  • Perfectly Roasted: Our khakhras are roasted to perfection, providing a healthier alternative to fried snacks without sacrificing the crispy texture you love.

  • Pure and Wholesome: With no palm oil and no refined flour, our snack is designed for health-conscious individuals who value purity and sustainability in their dietary choices.

  • Nutritious & Delicious: Enjoy the perfect harmony of spice and nutrition, making snacking a delightful and beneficial experience.

Health Benefits:

  • Digestive Support: The high fiber content in khapli wheat promotes good digestive health and regularity.

  • Heart Healthy: Our commitment to no palm oil contributes to better heart health by lowering cholesterol levels.

  • Energy-Boosting: Ideal for those seeking a nutritious boost, our khakhra keeps you energized and satisfied, perfect for busy days or a pre-workout snack.

Ideal for munching on the go, during office breaks, or at home with a cup of tea, our Achari khakhra brings a bold, flavorful twist to healthy snacking. Dive into the taste of tradition with every bite and savor the blend of spices that makes our khakhra a truly unique treat.


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Achari Methi Khakhra

Certified Organic Khapli Wheat, sea salt, rice bran oil, Kasuri methi, turmeric powder


How spicy is the Khapli Wheat Khakhra with Achari Methi Masala?

Our Khapli Wheat Khakhra with Achari Methi Masala is quite spicy, marked as 'Very Hot' for those who love a strong, spicy kick in their snacks.

What are the benefits of eating Khapli Wheat Khakhra?

Khapli Wheat Khakhra is great for your health. It's low in the glycemic index (GI), gluten-free, and made from organic ingredients, making it perfect for weight watchers and diabetics. It won't spike your blood sugar levels and is full of nutrients, providing a healthy snacking option anytime.

How is Khapli Wheat Khakhra packaged?

Each Khapli Wheat Khakhra is vacuum-sealed in a hygienic, state-of-the-art facility. This ensures the snack stays fresh and retains its quality with every pack.

Can I combine Khapli Wheat Khakhra with other foods?

Absolutely! Khapli Wheat Khakhra is incredibly versatile. You can enjoy it by itself, with tea, coffee, or your preferred drink. It also pairs well with hummus, salsa, cheese, vegetables, or various homemade dips, offering many delicious ways to enjoy it.

Where do you get the ingredients for Khapli Wheat Khakhra?

The ingredients for our Khapli Wheat Khakhra, such as Certified Organic Khapli Wheat, Turmeric Powder, Rice Bran Oil, Kasturi Methi, Iodised Salt, Red Chilli Powder, Sesame Seeds, and Green Chilli, are all sourced directly from farms in Western Maharashtra. This ensures that each bite is packed with quality and freshness.

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Gunjan Agrawal
For pickle lovers

I found this one product too salty & spicy

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4 Stars- Good

Mohandas Nair
5 Stars- Very Good

5 Stars- Very Good

5 Stars

5 Stars- Very Good

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