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Methi Masala I Khapli Wheat Khakhra

Methi Masala I Khapli Wheat Khakhra

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Spicy Index: Mild
Looking for a healthy snack that is perfect for weight watchers and diabetics? Our Khapli Wheat snack is just what you need! Our snack is low GI and gluten-free, making it highly beneficial for those who are health-conscious. Plus, it is packed with nutrition and flavour, making it a satisfying snack any time of day. Try it today and experience the goodness of Khapli wheat!
Introducing Svasthyaa’s Khapli wheat Khakhra - a nutritious and flavourful snack that is perfect for those who love it hot! Made with ancient traditional Khapli wheat sourced from the lush green farms of Western Maharashtra, our Khakhra is a guilt-free and wholesome snack that is packed with medicinal and therapeutic properties.
Our Methi Masala flavoured Khakhra is sprinkled with a generous amount of traditional Achari Methi Masala, giving it a very hot and spicy index. But that is not all - our Khakhra has several health benefits too! It does not spike sugar levels like regular wheat, making it an ideal choice for diabetics. Our Khakhra is also extremely low in gluten, making it a great option for health and weight watchers. We do not use any chemicals, preservatives, or added sugars in our Khakhra, and it%2ds 100% roasted to perfection.
Khakhra is a traditional Gujarati snack that is perfect for your child tiffin box, as a snack to keep handy at home or in the office, or as a delightful accompaniment to your morning tea or coffee, mid-morning or evening snack. You can also pair it with curd or a homemade dip for an extra burst of flavour.
Feeling creative? Grate some cheese and load it with some veggies to create your very own custom pizza or masala papad with our Khakhra. The possibilities are endless!
We ensure that our Khakhras are vacuum-packed in our state-of-the-art hygienic facility to preserve freshness. At Svasthyaa Organic Foods, we take pride in responsibly sourcing our products directly from farms at a fair price, and each product can be traced back to the farm it was produced on. We celebrate the success and empowerment of our farmers, making our Khakhra not only delicious but also socially responsible.
Experience the perfect combination of taste, nutrition, and quality with Svasthyaa Organic Foods’ Khapli Wheat Khakhras with Achari Methi Masala - snack the healthy way!

Certified Organic Khapli Wheat, Turmeric Powder, Non Refined Filtered Rice Bran Oil, Kasturi Methi, Turmeric Powder, Sea Salt, Red Chilli Powder, Sesame Seeds, Green Chilli.

How to eat khakhra?
Khakhra is an extremely versatile food and can be eaten in hundreds of ways. 
• Have it on its own or have it with tea, coffee or your favourite beverage.
• Eat it with hummus, pickle, salsa or any other dip.
• Butter or pour some hot oil over it and sprinkle it with your favourite masala. Use chaat masala, hing masala, peri peri or simply a peanut garlic chutney,
• Modestly apply butter or peanut butter and jam.
• Grate some cheese over it and load it with veggies like tomatoes, peppers, jalapeno, olives, corn, paneer, etc.
• Have it with a cool curd dip made with cucumber and tomatoes.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent non oily khakras & the organic flours are very good

Excellent non oily khakras & the organic flours are very good

4 Stars

4 Stars- Good

Neha Agarwal
Good products and improved packaging However some items are little expensive There should be an...

Good products and improved packaging
However some items are little expensive
There should be an option for larger quantity at some discount

Order delivered on time. Neatly Packed. Good taste.

Order delivered on time. Neatly Packed. Good taste.

5 Stars- Very Good

5 Stars- Very Good