5 Ancient Snacks That Are Surprisingly Healthy

5 Ancient Snacks That Are Surprisingly Healthy

Unearthing Nutritional Gems from Our Ancestors’ Pantry

Amidst a world of fast-paced dietary fads, there’s an increasing shift back to the roots — embracing ancient snacks for their inherent health benefits. SVASTHYAA’s range perfectly mirrors this shift, offering snacks that are organic, vegan, diabetic-friendly, 100% natural, high in fiber and protein, handmade, and roasted. Here are five traditional snacks that stand the test of time:

  1. Roasted Black Chana– The Traditional Crunch

A prized snack from the our ancestors , roasted Chana have long been recognized for their high fiber and protein content. SVASTHYAA’s version, free from maida and palm oil, offers a crunchy, wholesome snack alternative, aligning with modern health-conscious choices.

  1. Sprouted Moong Snack– The Protein Superfood

Sprouted moong, a staple in many Indian cuisines, is celebrated for its high nutrient density and digestibility. SVASTHYAA capitalizes on these benefits, presenting a snack that’s not only refreshing but also diabetic-friendly, packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Sprouted moong beans are a powerhouse of nutrients, offering high protein content, essential vitamins and minerals, improved digestibility, and antioxidants.

  1. Millet-Based Mixtures – The Healthy Delight

Turning to the ancient wisdom of using millets, SVASTHYAA introduces a range of millet-based mixtures. These savory treats, free from harmful additives, offer a nutritious snacking option, highlighting the versatility and sustainability of millets.

  1. Jowar & Bajra Khakhras – The Indian Crispy Flatbreads

Revisiting the traditional Indian kitchen, jowar and bajra khakhras are a testament to the art of healthy snacking. SVASTHYAA’s khakhras are a fusion of taste and nutrition, showcasing how these ancient grains can be transformed into diabetic-friendly, high-fiber snacks.

  1. Baked Lentil Biscuits– The All Time Favorite

Combining the goodness of various lentils, these savories are a modern twist on an age-old concept. Roast, not Baked, they embody SVASTHYAA’s commitment to health, ensuring a snack that's rich in protein and fiber.

Celebrating Ancient Wisdom with Modern Innovation

These snacks are not just a nod to the past; they’re a bridge to a healthier future. SVASTHYAA's range reminds us that sometimes, the best way forward is to look back at the simplicity and wholesomeness of traditional snacking.


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