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Sada Khapli Wheat Khakhra: Traditional Goodness, Modern Snack

Delve into the rich, nutty flavors of our Khapli khakhra, made from the ancient grain Khapli (Emmer) wheat. Celebrated for its remarkable health benefits and delicious taste, this snack is a testament to our commitment to combining traditional ingredients with contemporary wellness trends. Perfectly roasted, our khakhra offers a crunchy and satisfying experience without the use of palm oil, maida, or any artificial additives.

Key Features:

  • Enriched with Emmer Wheat: Our khakhra is crafted with Khapli wheat, known for its rich fiber content, protein, and a host of micronutrients, promoting a healthy diet.

  • Perfectly Roasted: Each piece is lightly roasted to achieve the perfect crunch, providing a healthier alternative to traditional fried snacks.

  • No Palm Oil or Maida: Keeping health at the forefront, our khakhra is free from palm oil and refined flour, ensuring each bite supports your well-being and environmental health.

  • Deliciously Wholesome: The natural sweetness and rich texture of Khapli wheat make our khakhra not only nutritious but irresistibly tasty.

Health Benefits:
  • Supports Digestive Health: The high fiber content in Khapli wheat aids in digestion and supports regular bowel movements.

  • Promotes Heart Health: Free from unhealthy fats and high in whole grains, our khakhra helps maintain a healthy heart by managing cholesterol levels.

  • Sustained Energy Release: Ideal for those looking for a nutritious snack, the complex carbohydrates in Emmer wheat provide long-lasting energy without the spikes and dips associated with refined sugars.

Ideal for any healthy snacking occasion, our Khapli khakhra is a perfect match for your mid-morning break, an afternoon snack, or a light evening treat. Enjoy it straight out of the packet or pair it with dips and spreads to enhance your snacking experience. Dive into the delightful, crunchy world of our Khapli khakhra and embrace a healthier, tastier way to snack.

Sada Khakhra

Certified organic khapli wheat, sea salt, rice bran oil.


How spicy are the SADA or PLAIN SALTED Khakhra?

The SADA or PLAIN SALTED Khakhra is not spicy at all, making it a great choice for those who prefer snacks without any spice.

Can I enjoy Khapli Wheat Khakhra with other foods?

Definitely! Khapli Wheat Khakhra is highly adaptable. You can eat it alone, with tea, coffee, or your favorite drink. It's also delicious with hummus, pickle, salsa, butter, peanut butter, cheese, vegetables, or any homemade dip, allowing for a wide range of tasty combinations

What are the health benefits of eating Khapli Wheat Khakhra?

Khapli Wheat Khakhra is excellent for health. It's low in the glycemic index, gluten-free, and made with organic ingredients. This makes it a smart choice for people watching their weight or managing diabetes, as it doesn't cause blood sugar spikes and is nutritious for any time of day

Where do the ingredients for Khapli Wheat Khakhra come from?

The ingredients for our Khapli Wheat Khakhra, like Certified Organic Khapli Wheat, Rice Bran Oil, and Sea Salt, are sourced directly from trusted farms in Western Maharashtra. This direct sourcing ensures each Khakhra is fresh and of the highest quality.

What's the packaging process for Khapli Wheat Khakhra?

Each Khapli Wheat Khakhra is vacuum-packed in a hygienically controlled, modern facility, ensuring the snack maintains its freshness and quality.

Customer Reviews

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Gunjan Agrawal

Tasty & crisp

Good products and improved packaging However some items are little expensive There should be an...

Good products and improved packaging
However some items are little expensive
There should be an option for larger quantity at some discount

Didn't like the products

Didn't like the products

Healthy food

I was searching for Kapli wheat products, but couldn't find anywhere. Finally got in Svasthyaa, its healthy tasty. I will order again

Simply Good

Tried first time Khapli khakhra and would say am surprised with the quality of the product. Neatly packed. Salted with no spices. We love it this way

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