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weight: Portable Pack I 54 gms

Portable Pack I 54 gms
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Cashew & Jaggery unBiscuits: Nutty Sweetness in Every Bit

Savor the rich, natural flavors of our Roasted Cashew & Jaggery Biscuits, where health meets indulgence. Crafted with care from premium organic ingredients, these biscuits combine the creamy crunch of roasted cashews with the sweet, earthy undertones of jaggery. Perfectly ROASTED without palm oil or maida, they offer a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional snacks.

Key Features:

  • Premium Organic Ingredients: Made with organically sourced cashews and jaggery, each biscuit is a testament to natural quality and flavor.

  • Delightfully Roasted: Our cashews are expertly roasted to enhance their flavor and texture, complementing the natural sweetness of jaggery.

  • Free from Palm Oil and Maida: We ensure our biscuits are crafted without the use of palm oil or refined flour, promoting a healthier lifestyle and environmental sustainability.

  • Rich and Nutritious: Packed with the goodness of nuts and unrefined sugars, our biscuits are not only tasty but also beneficial for overall health.

Health Benefits:

  • Energy Boosting: The natural sugars in jaggery provide a quick energy boost, while cashews offer healthy fats and proteins for sustained energy.

  • Digestive Health: Jaggery is known for its ability to aid digestion and act as a natural detoxifier for the body.

  • Heart Healthy: With no unhealthy fats, these biscuits help maintain cardiovascular health.

  • Bone Strength: Cashews are rich in magnesium and calcium, essential for strong bones.

Ideal for any occasion, our Cashew & Jaggery unBiscuits are perfect for those who seek a sweet treat without the guilt. Enjoy them as a mid-morning snack, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a healthy evening dessert option that satisfies your sweet tooth while nourishing your body.

Cashew Khapli Wheat Biscuits

Certified organic khapli wheat, certified organic jaggery, cashew, rice bran oil, sea salt, cardamom


Can vegans eat the Cashew Jaggery unBiscuit?

Absolutely, our unBiscuit is completely vegan and does not include any ingredients derived from animals.

Is the unBiscuit safe for those who are gluten-sensitive?

Yes, our unBiscuit is made with khapli wheat, known for its low gluten content, making it a good option for people with gluten sensitivities.

Does this unBiscuit have any added sugar?

No, there's no added sugar in our unBiscuit. Sweetness comes from the organic jaggery, making it a healthier choice for snacking.

What makes Svasthyaa's Cashew Jaggery unBiscuit a guilt-free snacking option?

Our Cashew Jaggery unBiscuit is crafted with over 70% khapli wheat, contains no maida, milk solids, or dairy products, and is free from preservatives or artificial flavorings. It's roasted, low in gluten, and rich in natural minerals and proteins, providing a wholesome snack choice for health-conscious individuals.

Where do the ingredients for the unBiscuit come from?

The Cashews, Khapli Wheat, and Organic Jaggery in our unBiscuit are all sourced from the fertile farms of Western Maharashtra, ensuring each unBiscuit is fresh and of high quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love their products. Especially the chana jor and high fibre millet mix.

Love their products. Especially the chana jor and high fibre millet mix.

The Chana jor was excellent

The Chana jor was excellent

We Like taste of biscuits.

We Like taste of biscuits.

Surbhi Gupta

They are surprisingly good :)
The texture, taste and feel is good.

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