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Jowar Bajra I Millet Khakhra I Svasthyaa

Jowar Bajra I Millet Khakhra I Svasthyaa

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Svasthyaa Millet Khakhra is made with Jowar or Sorghum & Bajra or Pearl Millet sourced from the lush green farms of Western Maharashtra. With more than 70% Millets & Organic Khapli Wheat and mildly spiced with black pepper. It has proven to have medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Flavour: Jowar & Bajra
Spicy Index: Mild


  • Made with millet: Jowar or Sorghum & Bajra or Pearl Millet is rich in natural minerals & proteins.
  • No artificially added proteins.
  • Low CARB, Gluten Free.
  • Beneficial for diabetics. Ideal for health and weight watchers.
  • No Chemicals No Preservatives Low Salt
  • No Added Sugar.
  • 100% Roasted.

Khakhra is a traditional Gujarati snack packed and a perfect healthy snack.
Use it for Kids Tiffin Box. Keep a packet handy at home or office. A perfect accompaniment with your Tea or Coffee for your morning breakfast, mid morning or evening snack.

Pair it with curd or home made dip.

Grate some cheese and load it with some veggies to create your very own custom pizza or masala papad.

Vacuum packed in our state of the art hygienic facility for added freshness.

Each product of ours can be back tracked to the farm it was produced. All of our products are responsibly sourced directly from farms at a fair price. Celebrating success and empowerment to our farmers.


Certified Organic Jowar, Bajra, Certified Organic Khapli Wheat, Edible Oil, Iodised Salt, Sesame Seeds, Green Chilli.

Nutritional Facts  Per 100g
Protein 12.56 g
Total Fat 20.00 g
Saturated Fat 8.76 g 39.8
Unsaturated Fat 11.24 g -
Transfat ND<0.5 g 0.0
Carbohydrate 61.19 g -
Energy 475.0 Kcal 23.8
Total Sugar 2.09 g -
Sodium 709.1 mg 35.5
Sugar as Sucrose ND<0.1g 0.0
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mohammad Arif

Jowar Bajra I Millet Khakhra I Svasthyaa

Millet and tasty

We wanted to try for my daughters school snack. She has liked the khakhra. It is also made from millet. Very thin and crispy

Nice vacuum packing

Vacuum packed. We loved carrying it on our recent trip. Reasonably priced.