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Ragi Organic Jaggery I unBiscuit

Ragi Organic Jaggery I unBiscuit

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Spicy Index: Sweet

Indulge in guilt-free snacking with our Ragi & Organic Jaggery unBiscuit. Made with over 70% millets, it's gluten-free, roasted, contains no Maida, milk solids, or any dairy products. Contains no preservatives or artificial flavouring. Rich in natural minerals and proteins, it's perfect for health-conscious individuals.

Introducing Svasthyaa’s Ragi & Organic Jaggery unBiscuit, a vegan, gluten-free, and healthy snack that promises to tantalize your taste buds while nourishing your body. Made with over 70% millets, including Ragi or Finger Millet, and Organic Jaggery, this biscuit is packed with wholesome goodness.

 At Svasthyaa, we believe in using the best ingredients to create our products. That's why we source our Ragi/Finger Millet and Organic Jaggery from the lush green farms of Western Maharashtra, ensuring that our biscuits are made with only the finest quality ingredients.

With more than 70% Millets and bound with organic Khapli wheat, our Ragi & Organic Jaggery unBiscuit has proven to have medicinal and therapeutic properties, making it an ideal snack for anyone looking for a healthy and nutritious treat.

Our Ragi & Organic Jaggery unBiscuit is not only delicious but also rich in natural minerals and proteins, with no artificially added proteins. It's low in carbs, making it beneficial for health and weight watchers. Plus, it contains no chemicals, preservatives, low salt, and no added sugar, making it an all-natural and healthy snack option.

Experience the goodness of Ragi & Organic Jaggery with every bite of our unBiscuit, a biscuit that offers health in every bite!


Ragi, Certified Organic Khapli Wheat, Certified Organic Jaggery, Edible Oil, Iodised Salt, Sesame Seeds, Fennel Seeds.

Nutritional Facts  Per 100g

6.80 g

Total Fat

19.09 g
Saturated Fat 9.98 g 45.4

Unsaturated Fat
9.11 g -

ND<0.5 g 0.0

70.60 g -
Energy 481.4 KCal 24.1

Total Sugar
26.10 g -

268.4 mg 13.4

Sugar as Sucrose
16.47 g 32.9


What are Millets? 

 Millets are a group of cereal grains that belong to the grass family. It's widely cultivated throughout Africa and Asia. While it may look like a seed, millet's nutritional profile is similar to that of sorghum and other cereals

With the growing demand for nutri grains and scarcity of water worldwide, millets are the perfect choice of cereals worldwide. 

  • High is nutrition
  • Rich in minerals
  • Naturally gluten free
  • High Fibre
  • Highest content of amino acids as compared to other cereals.
  • Native varieties
  • Sustainable crop
  • Requires very little water for cultivation
  • Grows in extremely harsh conditions.
  • Drought and pest resistant
  • Can be cultivated organically.

Types of Millets

This crop is also divided into two categories - large and small millets, with major millets being the most popular or commonly cultivated varieties

Large millets include:

  • pearl
  • foxtail
  • proso
  • finger (or ragi)

Small millets include:

  • Kodo
  • barnyard
  • little
  • Guinea
  • browntop
  • fonio
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Customer Reviews

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Duru Jassal
Ragi biscuits

The biscuits were good as far as taste is concerned, but we're a little hard, the children found them hard to bite.