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Weight: Box of 8 Ladoos | 240 gms approx.

Box of 8 Ladoos | 240 gms approx.
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Dates and Dry Fruit Laddoos: Nutritious, Guilt-Free Indulgence

Treat yourself to the naturally sweet and nourishing goodness of our Dates and Dry Fruit Laddoos. Handcrafted with a careful selection of premium dates and a rich mix of dry fruits, these laddoos are a perfect blend of taste and health. Completely free from maida, palm oil, and added sugars, they offer a wholesome, gluten-free snack that's rich in protein and fiber.

Key Features:

- *No Added Sugar:* Sweetened naturally with dates, our laddoos are free from any added sugars, making them a perfect snack for health-conscious individuals.
- *Gluten-Free and Protein-Rich:* Made with nutrient-dense ingredients that are naturally gluten-free and packed with protein, supporting muscle health and energy levels.
- *No Maida, No Palm Oil:* Our commitment to your health is reflected in our choice to avoid refined flours and unhealthy fats in our recipes.
- *Rich in Dry Fruits:* Each laddoo is loaded with a variety of dry fruits, offering a delightful texture and a burst of flavors, as well as a boost of antioxidants and healthy fats.

Health Benefits:

- *Supports Digestive Health:* High in dietary fibers, these laddoos aid in digestion and help maintain a healthy gut.
- *Energy Booster:* The natural sugars in dates provide a quick source of energy, making these laddoos a great snack before workouts or during busy days.
- *Heart Health:* With no cholesterol and a wealth of healthy fats from dry fruits, they contribute to a healthy heart.

Ideal For:

- Individuals seeking a healthy, guilt-free snack option
- Fitness enthusiasts needing a nourishing post-workout treat
- Anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth with a nutritious alternative

Why Choose Our Dates and Dry Fruit Laddoos?

Our Dates and Dry Fruit Laddoos are more than just a treat; they are a testament to our dedication to health and flavor. Whether you're looking for a quick healthy evening snack to power through your afternoon slump, a nutritious dessert option, or a healthy treat for your family, these laddoos are the perfect choice.

Embrace a healthier snacking habit without sacrificing taste with our delicious, guilt-free Dates and Dry fruit laddoos

Dry Fruit Dates Laddoo

Dates, almonds, pistachio, cashew, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, chia seeds, cold pressed coconut oil


What sets Svasthyaa laddoo apart?

Our laddoo's uniqueness comes from a traditional Maharashtra recipe, using only natural dates as a sweetener and a nutritious mix of nuts and seeds, making it both flavorful and healthy.

Is there any added sugar or jaggery in the laddoo?

Absolutely not. Our laddoo relies entirely on the natural sweetness of dates, with no added sugar or jaggery, for its delightful taste.

Where do the ingredients come from?

We take great care in hand-making our laddoo with the best ingredients, including locally sourced dates and nuts, to ensure excellent taste and freshness.

How should I eat this laddoo?

Enjoy this nutrient-rich laddoo as a healthy snack any time. It's crafted with everyday kitchen ingredients and the natural goodness of dates.

Does the laddoo have artificial additives?

No, our laddoo is free from artificial colors, preservatives, or added sugars, offering you a pure, natural treat.

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars- Very Good

5 Stars- Very Good

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4 Stars- Good

I like the dates laddoo the most. Pls bring vegan sugarfree cakes also wich can be delivered to o...

I like the dates laddoo the most.
Pls bring vegan sugarfree cakes also wich can be delivered to our place.
Thank you 🙂🙏



Anuradha Muralidharan
The sweets were very good & better than expected 👍🏼

The sweets were very good & better than expected 👍🏼

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