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Svasthyaa - Organic & healthy khakhras or wheat crispies.

Khakhra is a traditional Indian snack whose origins can be traced back to Gujarat. There are multiple versions of this product world wide and in different shapes are called as crispies, wheat chips, crackers, etc. A simple worldwide acceptable 

Khakhra is traditionally made round in shape like a roti and roasted until it is absolutely crisp. It is an extremely healthy snacks since it is a roasted snack and made with no preservatives and only natural flavours.

Explore our range of Gluten Free - High Protein Khakhras made with 100% daals or legumes. These khakhra's are loaded with natural proteins with no artificially added proteins. Our range includes:

  • Green Moong 
  • Chola Fadi
  • Math

Our Gluten Free khakras are made with

  • No Maida
  • High Fibre
  • Roasted
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colours
  • 100% daals or legumes.

How to eat khakhra?

Eat on its own with tea, coffee or any beverage 
Apply some oil or butter on the top and sprinkle some masala on the top.
Smear some organic fruit preserve or jam for a nice and healthy snack for kids.
Make a nice yogurt dip and eat the khakhra as a cracker.
Have with some spicy pickle and piping hot tea.

Explore our khakhra recipes here:

Chola Fadi Khakhra Churi
recipe by food_gemini