Rediscovering Healthy Ancient Snacks Exploring Nutritious Choices from the Past

Rediscovering Healthy Ancient Snacks Exploring Nutritious Choices from the Past

In our fast-moving world, we're seeing a growing interest in going back to the basics by choosing ancient snacks known for their health benefits. SVASTHYAA embraces this trend with a selection of snacks that are organic, vegan, diabetic-friendly, 100% natural, and rich in fiber and protein. These snacks are handmade and roasted, offering a nutritious alternative to modern options. Here are five timeless snacks that have stood the test of time:

  1. Roasted Black Chana – A Classic Crunch
  • A favorite from the past, roasted black chana is known for its high fiber and protein. SVASTHYAA's take on this traditional snack avoids maida and palm oil, providing a healthier, crunchy option.
  1. Sprouted Moong Snack – Nutrient-Rich Superfood
  • Sprouted moong is a key ingredient in Indian cuisine, prized for its nutrient density and easy digestion. SVASTHYAA's version offers a snack that's refreshing and diabetic-friendly, loaded with vitamins and minerals.
  1. Millet-Based Mixtures – Nutritious and Tasty
  • SVASTHYAA taps into ancient knowledge by offering millet-based snacks. These mixtures, made without harmful additives, are a nutritious and sustainable choice.
  1. Jowar & Bajra Khakhras – Crispy Indian Flatbreads
  • Bringing a piece of traditional Indian kitchens, jowar and bajra khakhras combine health and taste. SVASTHYAA's version is diabetic-friendly and high in fiber.
  1. Roasted Lentil Biscuits – A Timeless Favorite
  • Merging various lentils, these biscuits provide a modern twist to an old concept. They are roasted, not baked, aligning with SVASTHYAA’s commitment to healthy snacking, being rich in protein and fiber.

Bridging the Past and Future with Healthier Choices

SVASTHYAA's snack range is more than a tribute to traditional foods; it's a step towards a healthier future. These snacks blend ancient wisdom with modern innovation, highlighting the enduring value of simple, wholesome snacking.


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