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Diabetic-Friendly Snack Bundle Combo

What's Inside?

1 x World's Best Chana Jor - 200 gms
1 x High Fibre Millet Mix - 200 gms
1 x Methi Masala Khapli Wheat Khakhra - 200 gms
1 x Sada Khapli Wheat Khakhra - 200 gms
1 x Math Khakhra - 200 gms
1 x Chola Fadi Khakhra - 200 gms
1 x Jowar Blackpepper Biscuit -54 gms
1 x Khasta Kachori Biscuit -54 gms
1 x Sprouted Moong Biscuits - 54 gms

Introducing the Svasthyaa Organics Diabetic-Friendly Snack Bundle Combo, conciously designed for those managing diabetes or anyone interested in a low-glycemic diet. These carefully selected healthy evening snacks are crafted to satisfy cravings without causing spikes in blood sugar levels, guilt free snacking supporting overall wellness.

Key Features:

- Low Glycemic Index: Each item in this bundle is chosen for its minimal impact on blood glucose levels.
- Rich in Dietary Fiber: High fiber content helps regulate blood sugar levels and supports digestive health.
- Nutrient-Dense: Packed with essential nutrients that are key for a balanced diabetic diet.
- No Added Sugars: We avoid sweeteners and unnecessary sugars, relying on the natural flavors of the ingredients.
- Diverse Assortment: This combo includes Chana Jor, Roasted Biscuits, Khakhras, and High Fiber Millet Mix, offering a variety of tastes and textures that are both satisfying and healthy.
Choose the Svasthyaa Organics Diabetic-Friendly Snack Bundle Combo for a delicious way to manage dietary needs and enjoy snack time without worry. These snacks not only meet dietary restrictions but also delight the palate, ensuring that managing diabetes doesn't mean missing out on tasty treats.

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